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Macro Industrial is the only licensed and accredited EPS Geofoam manufacturer & supplier in the Philippines. Specialize in designing of EPS Geofoam application by providing optimum and innovative solutions for structural fill challenges.

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Practical Solutions

Green Construction

The latest trends in the construction industry circle around a handful of themes including technology, sustainability, and efficiency.

With the growing trend to use sustainable and improve energy-efficient construction materials, EPS for building construction and Geofoam application become more numerous. Expanded Polystyrene is an ideal choice for green building designs, it is an innovative building material that has a wide range of applications in the construction industry. It offers tangible environmental advantages, energy-efficient, mold resistant, and recyclable.

Beyond the environmental benefits of the installed product, the energy requirements to make polystyrene can be more favorable than some alternative materials. In one study, when compared to other insulation materials, the energy required to produce polystyrene foam insulation is 24 percent less than what is needed to make the amount of fiberglass needed to achieve an equivalent R-value at a representative volume.